What We Are

We area a family owned and opporated small business. We are very family oriented and have plenty of kids/grandkids. Please be cautious when visting...little ones are bound to be enjoying the sunshine.


We have two main sites.

  • Our Poultry Proccessing facility is 12 miles south of Brainerd right off of HWY 25.
  • Our second site is located 6 miles south of Brainerd, also off of HWY 25, and this is where you can find our veggie stand and produce area.


We get asked if we are organic, natural, free range...or what exactly are we considered?

We are not organic, and do not raise organic chickens, ducks, or veggetables.  There are many things that go into being considered organic, and it is a rather intensive process.  Because we have so many different things on our farms, it would be extrememly difficult to be certified organic. 


Many of our vegetables are grown on plastic, which allows us to offer you a cleaner product.  We also use minimal chemicals, and only do what is necessary to keep our plants healthy.  We do not use any chemical on our plants once they have produce on them.


Our veggies are picked, washed with water, and packaged all by hand.


Our chickens, rabbits, turkeys and ducks are raised (and processed) humanly. Our poulty are all free range and are allowed to eat bugs, grass, and leftover produce. We have poulty/rabbit feed available during the months when natural growing products are beneath the snow.





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