Retail Poultry

In addition to processing birds for our customers, we raise and process our own poultry.  We enjoy being able to provide farm-fresh processed chickens for those who don't have the desire or facilities to raise their own.

Currently, we are offering:


Whole chicken $2.49/lb

8 piece, and Halves: $2.99/lb

Boneless, Skinless Breast (Avg 1 breast, 2 pieces/pkg, 1-1.5 lbs): $6.99/lb

Backs for soup (3-4/pkg, 3-4 lbs) $2.19/lb

Giblets (1-3 lbs) $2.19/lb

Feet (1-1.5 lbs): $2.19/lb

Whole Duck (Avg 4-6 lbs) or Goose (Avg 6-10 lbs): $5.99/lb

6 piece Rabbit (Avg 2-4 lbs): $5.99/lb

Whole Turkey (Avg 20-25 lbs): $3.00/lb

Eggs: $5.00/dozen


Please contact Ron Nelson (Click Here) if you need more information about retail poultry

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