Magnus and Krissy's daughter, Olivia, with tomatoes/peppers


Magnus is our resident vegetable grower! He and his wife Krissy will be growing most of the vegetables we sell at their home, and there is a self serve road-side stand on Highway 25 at their home.  Keep an eye out for updates on what produce is available in our In Season section! 


Many of our vegetables are grown on plastic, which allows us to offer you a clean product.  We also use minimal chemicals, and only do what is necessary to keep our plants healthy.  We do not use any chemical on our plants once they have produce on them.


We offer many different kinds of vegetables.  Whether you like to can them, freeze them, pickle them, or just eat them fresh out of the field, we have plenty of veggies to offer! We have our list started for the year, of vegetables we anticipate we will have for sale.  Of course, we depend on mother nature to provide us with the right growing conditions, so it is possible that we may not have everything we hope to grow. 


If you are interested in the vegetables we have to sell, please contact Magnus and Krissy