We, at Nelson-Shine Produce, pride ourselves on being able to provide you only the best products we have to offer. At Nelson-Shine Produce, we are a family run and operated business. We pride ourselves on being able to provide you the best of what we have to offer.  Because we are family operated, and a large family we have, we have many different things we can offer you!

Ron and Barb

Ron and Barb started the farm as Nelson-Shine Holsteins in 1984, shortly after they were married, and milked cows until 2001.  In 2004, the poultry processing started in full swing with the completion of a new building, the purchase of a large freezer, and the hiring of staff.  They also, in that time, started the greenhouse and have since expanded both the greenhouse and poultry processing business.  While Ron runs the greenhouses and poultry processing, Barb works at Lakes Printing during the week and in the greenhouses whenever she is able to.



Magnus and Krissy

Magnus and Krissy purchased their farm on Highway 25, a little north of Nelson-Shine Produce, in 2012.  They raise all of our chickens for processing, and do most of our garden produce that is available for sale on their roadside stand. They run the C.S.A. and Green Barn Veggie Farm, Self-Serve Produce Stand.  Magnus is the Agriculture Teacher and FFA Advisor at Brainerd High School. He also helps manage the poultry business, as well as oversees the greenhouse operation.   Krissy works as the secretary for St. Andrews and St. Mathias Catholic Churches. They are a growing family! Olivia, their oldest, is 5 , and loves gardening with daddy. MJ (Magnus Jr), their oldest son, is 3 1/2, and is known for snitching veggies from the garden. Elliot, their second son, is 2 years old, and no doubt will be his daddy's shadow this summer. Last but not least, their third son was just born at the beginning of March, Francis. They keep busy with work, farming, and kids. Stop by to visit the farm and veggie stand any time!

Nick and Gretchen

Nick and Gretchen own and operate their own farm, 2 miles west of the Main Farm location.  They raise and sell strawberries, raspberries, and beef. In 2011 they welcomed their twin daughters, Heather and Savannah, who are an absolute joy and so much fun to watch grow up! They are very good helpers in the strawberry patch and enjoy helping take care of all the animals.  Gretchen is a Certified Veterinary Technician and also works at Barrett Petfood Innovations (Barrett Ag Service). Nick is an electrician and works for A&J Electric, he also does electric motor repair for farming equipment, at Sunrise Ag in Pierz.  

Leo and Maggie

Maggie and Leo live in Pierz with their daughters Catherine, Maria, and Elizabeth.  Maggie works as a Veterinarian at Litke's Veterinary Service and still likes to spend time working with her family at Nelson-Shine Produce.  Leo works as an Engineering Supervisor for C4 Welding and likes to help wiht the operational and mechanical aspects of Nelson-Shine Produce when possible.  The 3 girls are excited to be back living close to their grandparents, after living in the Twin Cities. They love to be a part of the ever changing seasons on the farm, and all of the excitement it brings throughout the year! 

Ben and Kirsti

Ben and Kirsti were married in December of 2010, while Ben was home for Christmas leave. Ben recently ended his enlistment with the United States Marine Corps and works as an EMT for North Amublance.  He is almost done with his Paramedic degree! Kirsti for Essentia Heath at the Brainerd Hospital. They have 2 daughters, Audrey and Lucy, who love to play outside at Grandma and Grandpas's whenever possible! 


Veronica is an online student at Central Lakes College, majoring in Business Management.  She is working towards managing the Greenhouses at Nelson Shine Produce.  You will see her face often when shopping for your plants.  Veronica's role has changed in the poultry processing business as well.  All though many still think of her as the "little gizzard girl", she is now assistant manager along side Ron. She does the majority of the booking of poultry appointments and rotates with Ron and Magnus as Floor Manager on Poultry Processing days. 

Veronica recently got married to Wade Geisenhof July 4th, 2015.  He works for Graphics Packaging in Crosby, MN as a machine assembler.  He recently took an EMT course at Central Lakes College and will be taking the National Registry test soon.   He helps out in the greenhouse and poultry business where ever he can.



John Paul

John Paul is in 9th grade this year at Brainerd South Campus.  He helps out wherever he can around the farm and takes care of the pigs, dairy steers and barn cats.  He is involved in 4-H and loves to play the tuba in band.




Simon is the youngest of the Nelson family, but don't let him fool you! He's got some pretty fast comebacks!   He's in 8th grade at Forestview Middle School.  He plants his own garden every summer, that sometimes grows bigger things than anyone else in the family.  He too is involved in 4-H and plays the tuba in the school band.